Hey Dtoys freaks!
First off, we want to thank Brad Lee productions and ROCKLANTA for a great show in Atlanta last month(3/30/19) at Center Stage Theater. What a kick ass venue. The fans were the best and we would love to play that venue again in the future.

We are alive, we are writing new material. Yes, you heard me. It is a slow death of a process, but, we have a few songs, and you might hear a couple of them at our upcoming shows- July 20 at COME AND TAKE IT LIVE, in Austin,TX. or maybe in Denver, CO. at Herman's Hideaway on July 27th.

We also have new merchandise, so please check out the stuff in the shop, and remember, if you buy from us, you're helping the guys that wrote the music you support, not bootleggers,(even thought the bootleggers have some cool stuff too).Buying from them...we get absolutely nothing, not a cut, not a thanks, not a fish sandwich....NADA.  So check out the DT Shop.

See attached posters for our upcoming shows and we will see you there!

Dangerous Toys