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New Design!!!

Dangerous Toys established 1987, celebrate our years with our latest shirt design, art by Claudio Bergamin.

Front print only.

DT-New Design T-shirt"
Sizes Small - 3X-Large $30 plus $6 shipping to USA (other countries may be more)

NEW SHIRT DESIGN- This is a reprint from the sold out design we had exclusively on the MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE 2022.
if you got one on the ship, yours has a back print, so, it is considered rare.
We wanted to share the new design with everyone, so we now have a FRONT ONLY print of the HOLD YOUR HORSES design.
HOLD YOUR HORSES is a new track we have been playing live for a while now. The art here was done by CLAUDIO BERGAMIN (Judas Priest Fire Power, Cassius King Field Trip, and many more. Please see his art here)
Get your new shirt TODAY!
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DT-Hold Your Horses T-Shirt"
Sizes Small - X-Large $30 plus $6 shipping to USA (other countries may be more)
Sizes 2X-Large and 3X-Large $33 plus shipping

DT-Leather Duchess T-Shirt"
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Dangerous Toys-Leather Duchess Poster
$8 plus shipping


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Sizes Small - XLarge - $30 + $5 Shipping
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Get your Dangerous Toys Hoodie today!
Full heavy duty zipper hoodie is the way to go. Pull over hoodies are lame, messin up the game.
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DT Hoodies"
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Get Silver (Gold and Copper SOLD OUT) BILL Z. BUB Dangerous Toys Clown badge.(SEE ALL PHOTOS) Each 2 INCH TALL, 1 INCH WIDE badge is shipped in bubble wrap, and has three posts on the back for secure attachment to your favorite battle jacket!

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If we run out, you can always get these HERE!

$18 plus shipping

New! Wear your jacket and still fly your front side DTOYS fandom!!!"
Logo front ONLY - no back print
$25, plus shipping

Dangerous Toys "Pissed" CD

CDs $10 (plus shipping)

Pissed Picture Disc LP $45 (plus shipping)

Get your copy of the re issued PISSED LP on limited picture disc! FULL COLOR with download card

Amazon Review: Vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition. Pissed is the third studio album by Texas glam metal band Dangerous Toys. It was released on March 22, 1994. Dangerous Toys is an Austin, Texas-based rock band with often humorous lyrics. Founded in 1987, Dangerous Toys released four full-length albums and one live album before unofficially disbanding at the turn of the millennium. Their major label debut, Dangerous Toys, released in May 1989, was certified as a Gold Record by RIAA. Although Dangerous Toys continue to perform live to this day, the band has not released any new material since 1995. Band members on the album include Jason McMaster, Scott Dalhover, Paul Lidel, Mike Watson and Mark Geary.

Vintage DT Jewels, 1990 Winterland merchandising issue. Measure approx. 1x 1/2 inch in diameter. pewter, color baked. nickel plated."
$30, plus $5 shipping -"while supplies last-these are rare, out of print

Dangerous Toys Logo Patch

Available in Small and Large Sizes

Small - $7  |   Large - $12

Dangerous Toys Pissed Patch
$10 plus shipping


Autographed Dangerous Toys Christmas Card Rare Vintage 1990

Original art by the actual DT Artist, Tommy Pons.

This is a replica of the original version ( unfortunately the vintage cards are of course, out of stock)

This replica is an exact copy of the first card, only sent to fan club members circa 1990!

$13.00 plus shipping.

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NEW !!
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2 designs to choose from!!